SAERC TV Bingo On-Line

SAERC TV Bingo is a cable community channel bingo played each Tuesday at 6:30 pm on SAERC TV, Channel 4, on Eastlink Cable.

SAERC TV Bingo On-Line is an internet extension of SAERC TV Bingo. Players who participate in SAERC TV Bingo On-Line must agree to the same rules as the television version of SAERC TV Bingo. The rules of SAERC TV Bingo are read prior to the beginning of play. The most important rule of TV Bingo is that the winning card is determined to be the player with the earliest bingo with the fewest number of calls. A game is not closed until calling ceases at the end of the next consecutive game.

In addition to the rules of TV Bingo, on line players must also have an internet connected device, (typically a computer) and a high speed connection to the internet.

On line players must purchase their books and claim their cheque from outlets within the broadcast range of SAERC TV.

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Gary’s Grocery Store

R-Space (Library)


SEARS Canada

Worth the Wait Consignment Shop


Atlantic SuperStore (Smoke Shop)

Shoppers Drug Mart

Last Chance Convenience-Troy


Welcome to new outlet

Last Chance Convenience Store in Troy